Sunday, 1 January 2017


AHLCON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a school in Delhi, India. Established in the year 2001, Ahlcon International School- was inaugurated by Smt. Sheila Dixit, honorable chief minister of Delhi. It is now one of the renowned schools of Delhi. Ahlcon International is the leading school in East Delhi and is ranked the number 1 school in East Delhi as per HT survey, 2015.It provides education from nursery to 12th. The school has excellent teachers. It is recognized internationally and has ties with many European schools.

To establish Ahlcon International School as a world class centre of learning, a leader in imparting joyful, relevant, and value based education to each child and to ensure complete fulfillment of the aspirations of all stakeholders. 

To ensure quality in our educational services through optimizing intellectual and infrastructural resources, capacity building, practicing ethical and transparent management principles and adhering to the core value system.

  • ·     Students and parents are the primary beneficiaries of  our services.
  • ·     Our activities and programmes must revolve around the  children and contribute to their growth and learning.
  • ·     To train and encourage Teachers to develop competence  and commitment.
  • ·     Constant upgradation of school environment characterized  by love and compassion.
  • ·     Children should never be deprived of opportunities,  facilities and experiences that have greater bearing on  their lives.
  • ·     To uphold the rule of law and our duties towards nation  building.
  • ·     No discrimination will be made in the name of caste,  creed, race, status or gender.
  • ·     Respect for the planet and inculcation of environmental  values.